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The saxophonists Arne Marsel and Christian Eder formed Loopissimo, a unique duo project in 2012. After several years of collaboration, including the saxophone quartet melo-X, both saxophonists are now undertaking an unusual ''Journey of Sound''. Loopissimo combines traditional woodwind instruments like the alto, soprano, baritone saxophones and the clarinet with voice, percussion, Jew’s harp and electronic sources of sound and effects, including loop devices and the EWI (electric wind instrument). All sounds are created and programmed by Loopissimo themselves, which results in very high standards of sound aesthetics. Traditional saxophone playing is extended through contemporary playing techniques such as microtonality, multiphonics, slap tonguing, as well as blowing and key clicks, which are also looped as rhythms. Both musicians present a concert experience with a wide spectrum. Own compositions and arrangements are recorded during the performance as double- voiced sequences. The recurring loops provide the basis for motifs and melodies as well as improvisation. In addition, asynchronous loops give rise to special effects. This technology provides new and diverse sound dimensions ranging from single sound to the polyphony of a big band structure. The musical stylistics of Loopissimo are composed of three groups: the sound of old European music (based on baroque and middle age melodies and sacramental spheres of sound), contemporary Jazz (specific compositions for saxophone and the possibilities of the instrument’s tone and sound effects in connection with electronics, enriched with a healthy pinch of groove and improvisation as a powerful means of expression) and world jazz (sound and melody influenced by the variety of global ethnic music connected to and expanded upon by the harmonics of jazz and improvisation).
Arne Marsel, soprano saxophone, electric wind instrument, electronics, looping
Christian Eder, alto and baritone saxophone, clarinet, electric wind instrument, electronics, looping
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