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RE/SONO Saxophone Quartet

RE/SONO Saxophone Quartet
The Re/Sono is a saxophone quartet based in Strasbourg, France. Laureate of the 20th international chamber music competition of Illzach 2017 and 2017 Salieri-Zinetti international chamber music competition, the four members of Re/Sono finished their academic studies in some of Europe’s most prestigious musical institutes (Basel, Vienna, Bordeaux, Milan, Brussels and Strasbourg). Re/Sono is devoted to the original classical and contemporary repertoire of the saxophone, working with young composer in order to enlarge the instrument’s repertoire and involved in the regional musical life as interpreters and pedagogues.    
Romain Chaumont, soprano saxophone
Yanir Ritter, alto saxophone
Olivier Duverger, tenor saxophone
Alexandre Galvane, baritone saxophone
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