Australian Saxophone Orchestra - Diana Tolmie, conductor

The Australian Saxophone Orchestra formed in 2015 for its inaugural performances at the SaxOpen – 17th World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France. These professional and highly regarded Australian saxophonists reside throughout the world and share an appreciation for the music from their country that depicts the multi-cultural influences that Australia enjoys in addition to the programmatic representation of the wide brown land known as Terra Australis. Brought together again by Dr Diana Tolmie (conductor), this group has reformed especially for the 18th World Saxophone Congress.

Andrew Ball, Katia Beaugeais, Sarah Byron, Tessa Campbell, Bridget Cleary, Barry Cockcroft, Michael Duke, Matilda Grieve, Nathan Henshaw,  Joseph Lallo, Samantha Mason, Cameron Millar, Mary Osborn, Erin Royer, Yo Yo Su, Kieran Toye, Mia Vukovic, Kay Zhang
Conductor: Diana Tolmie


  • Jul 13 2018

    Australian Saxophone Orchestra - Diana Tolmie, conductor

    ensemble performance

    Thomas Green (1975): Aurora
    Martin Kay (1972): Thrice Mice (premiere performance)
    Louise Denson (1965): Eucalyptus Regnans (premiere performance)
    Katia Beaugeais (1976): Last Flight of Saint-Ex (premiere performance)
    Andrew Ball (1996): Chimera (premiere performance)
    Matilda Grieve (1994): Little Cove (premiere performance)

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