Sumika Tsujimoto

Born in Nara (Japan), Sumika Tsujimoto began her saxophone studies at the age of 12. She studied at the Takamado music high school with Suwako Iwata and at the SOAI university with Masahiro Maeda. She has won numerous awards including the 3rd prize in the solo division and the ensemble division at the OSAKA International Music Competition, 1st prize in the saxophone division at the Japan classic music competition, and the president prize at SOAI University. She is now studying at the Conservatoire in Strasbourg (France) under Philippe Geiss with a particular interest in the "cross over" and "improvisation" repertoire.  Linked to this work on improvisation and innovation is her work on the Aerophone. With this new instrument, Sumika has been able to create her own personal identity as an international artist with followers from around the world, constantly being blown away by the capacities of this new instrument. Her performances on the Aerophone have captivated audiences, not only for the newness of the concept but also for her technical and musical prowess. Sumika is a founding member of the ‘Quatuor AVENA’, a vibrant young saxophone quartet based in Strasbourg. 

Sumika Tsujimoto, aerophone


  • Jul 12 2018

    Sumika Tsujimoto


    Sumika Tsujimoto (1991): Amaoto (premiere performance)
    Jacob TV (1951): Sho-Myo, spectacle of world famous film music (arr. Sumika Tsujimoto)
    Roberto Molinelli (1963): Four pictures from New York for saxophone and symphony orchestra -  I. Dreamy dawn, III. Sentimental evening, IV. Broadway night

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