Luka Prelas and Katrin K. Radovani

Luka Prelas (1994) is a Zagreb-based saxophone performance major, currently studying at the Academy of Music in Zagreb, Croatia in the class of Dragan Sremec. During her high-school and university education, Luka was a contestant and winner of national and international competitions. Beside her official tutors, Luka attended masterclasses and seminars led by: Tomislav Žužak, Gordan Tudor, Goran Jurković, Nikola Fabijanić, Arno Bornkamp, Claude Delangle, Vincent David, Lars Mlekusch, Preston Duncan, Vitaly Vatulya, Timothy McAllister, Joonatan Rautiola, Vincent Lê Quang and Mariano Garcia. In 2017., she was chosen to perform at the Re;Formers festival in Moscow, where she played the first Croatian Concerto written for Saxophone and Strings (by Pavle Dešpalj). Except classical saxophone, Luka is involved in Croatian feminist organization and programmes, as well as writing and performance art practices. She is also a multimedia performer. Her debut as a performance artist was at the 2017 Vox Feminae festival with her piece Am I a good girl?

Katrin K. Radovani was born in Split, where she attended the School of Fine Arts Painting Department. In 2005 she moved to Zagreb where she worked on various projects and in film and festival productions. In 2017 she graduated Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 2015 she was awarded with the Special Rector's Prize for scene design in the production of Boris Papandopulo's opera Madame Buffault.

Luka Prelas, saxophone Katrin K. Radovani, visual artist
  • Jul 11 2018

    Luka Prelas and Katrin K. Radovani

    interdisciplinary performance

    Luciano Berio (1925-2003): Sequenza IXb for alto saxophone solo
    Krešimir Seletković (1974): Portreti
    Gordan Tudor (1982): Quartertone Waltz

    STUDENT CENTER French Pavilion Savska cesta 25