Shanghai Conservatory Funote Saxophone Ensemble

The Shanghai Conservatory Funote Saxophone Ensemble is directed by Sean Xue and is comprised of saxophone students at the Shanghai Conservatory in Shanghai, China. Their primary teachers include Professor Xiaolu Zhang and Xin Yu. From its foundation, the Funote Ensemble strives to bring saxophone ensemble repertoire and its performance of the highest quality to the audiences in China. They have commissioned and premiered a variety of works from composers throughout China, such as Sacred Moment by Hesheng Wang, East Rhythm by Xiaolu Zhang, works by Qian Chen, and many other composers. Since their debut at the Shanghai International Saxophone Symposium, which has brought national acclaim, they perform regularly in Shanghai and other cities in China. They have recently won the Gold Prize at the 2017 China National Band Showcase, receiving a unanimous high praise from all jury members and audiences. 

Zhang Xiaolu, Zhang Xuru, Wang Chengyue, Chen Gongyong, Liu Fulu, Zhi Yufan, Zhang Quianyi, Shu Wenxuan, Fang Yichen, Zhang Yisong, Xie Weijie, Chen Yuxuan, Chu Yixiang, Sun Kaiwen, Li Zida, Tan Ziwei, Wu Yifan, Jiang HanYu Xin, solo saxophoneXue Yusheng, conductor


  • Jul 13 2018

    Shanghai Conservatory Funote Saxophone Ensemble

    ensemble performance

    Claude Debussy (1862-1918): Golliwogg's Cakewalk (arr. Matt Evans)
    Hesheng Wang
    (1955): Sacred Moment (premiere performance)
    Arturo Marquez (1950): Danzon No. 2 (arr. Sean Xue)
    Jean Matitia
    (1952): Devil's Rag 
    Xiaolu Zhang
    (1976): East Cool 
    Phillippe Geiss
    (1961): Sir Patrick

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